Active Company Antwerp

Practical information


Activity Weekday Time Location
Yoga Thursday 8:00 - 9:30 pm

Gymnasium of St-Stanislascollege

Sint Hubertusstraat 12
2600 Berchem-Antwerpen


On warm days, the sessions will take place in Te Boelaerpark and will be announced by newsletter



  • The yoga sessions are instructed by Kim Vercammen
  • You don’t need to be experienced in yoga to participate. Difficulty of exercises is slowly increased. 
  • Sign up for the newsletter to be updated on the location of the session in the summer months



  • Loose clothing
  • Yoga mat or big towel
  • Warm sweater or blanket for meditation moments

General Information

Getting to know yourself and your body better, that's exactly what the Hatha Yoga of Active Company Antwerp can do for you. Certain postures and breathing exercises make your body more flexible and bring inner peace. This way you are better able to withstand the stress of everyday life.

Yoga at Active Company Antwerp is guided by a professional and both beginners and more experienced yoga practitioners are more than welcome.

For a yoga session, it is best to wear loose, comfortable clothing. Make sure to bring a mat with you. Changing on site is possible.

Sessions start promptly at 8 pm. You can no longer join if you arrive later, so as to not interrupt the class for the other participants. It is recommended to arrive around 7.30 pm. This gives you ample time to change clothes and find a spot in the venue. 

The yoga session takes place in the gymnasium of the Sint-Stanislas College, Sint Hubertusstraat 12, 2600, Berchem. We ask that after the activity, every participant helps to leave the room as we found it. During the summer, the yoga session often takes place in Te Boelearpark. In this case, the change of location will be shared in the newsletter earlier that week. 

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