Are you new at Active Company Antwerp?

  • Everyone - including non-members - pays each time you participate in an activity. As a member you do get a hefty discount through the multi-turn ticket system. You will find the prices per activity under 'What does participation at Active Company Antwerp cost' further down this page.
  • Do you like sports at Active Company Antwerp? Then don't hesitate to become a member! As a member you are insured and you pay a lot less each time you participate.
  • You become a member by registering and paying your membership fee. You will find all the information about this below.



How do I register?

Online on our website by pressing the button below, filling in the registration form and submitting it. Your application for membership is registered immediately and will be activated by our member management when we have received your membership fee. 

You will be notified by email as soon as your membership is active. From then on you can participate at member rate!


How do I pay my membership fee?

Preferably via a transfer to the ACA account BE34 4027 5480 5190 stating “membership fee 2023, first name, name and main activity”.

Do not forget to mention your name and first name in the communication, so that we can easily link your payment to your registration and activate your membership.

Do you have a partner who also wants to become a member of Active Company Antwerp? Make two separate payments. Our member management is grateful to you!

Would you rather pay with Payconiq ? Scan with Payconiq the QR code below. Don't forget to mention your name and first name in the message, so that we can easily link your payment to your registration and activate your membership.


Anyone younger than 26 will receive a youth discount in the form of a free multi-turn ticket (worth € 20.00).


  • € 30,00 for a whole calendar year
  • € 20,00 for those who join from July 1th
  • € 50,00 for those who become a member from July 1 + pay next year's membership fee
  • € 55,00 "Van Harte" supportive membership for a whole calendar year

Tip: renew the membership fee on time (pay no later than 31 Januari of the new year) = insured participation in the activities of Active Company Antwerp.


What do I get for my membership fee?

Accident insurance during the activities of Active Company Antwerp subject to registration with Sporta-Federation

  • Participation in activities of Active Company Antwerp at a reduced rate and discount on the parties of Active Company Antwerp.
  • The chance to make lots of new friends!

The health insurance fund will refund part of your membership fee!

Each year, the health insurance funds reimburse part of your membership fee. For more information about the refunded amount and the application procedure, we refer to the website of your health insurance fund.

The required refund form will now come from Sporta:

  • For all members whose membership fee for the current year we have received before February 1, Sporta will automatically send the refund form in February to the e-mail address in their Sporta profile. So make sure that your details at Sporta are correct in time!
  • Members who pay their membership fee after 31/01 must request their own refund form via the Sporta portal .