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Practical information


Activity Weekday Time Location
Choir Each Monday 7:30 - 10:30 pm

Het Roze Huis (above the bar Den Draak) - attic

Draakplaats 1

2018 Antwerpen


  • You do not have to register or announce yourself in advance. Just be present at the start of the activity and ask for the choir coordinator.
  • If you want to sing along for the first time, please register by email with the choir coordinator at
  • If you come, please be on time.

General Info

Does your musical taste range from classical to pop, from musical to jazz, are you not afraid of a foreign language and do you like to sing? Well, then 'Pink Noise', the choir of Active Company Antwerp, is just the thing for you! During the weekly rehearsals, we work hard on the sound of the choir and the repertoire is expanded and refined. Of course, there is at least just as much laughter!

Did we arouse your curiosity? Then come and visit us! You don't have to be a Pavarotti and being able to read music isn't a must either (you certainly won't be the only one). Experience is the best teacher. Everyone is welcome: both men and women! Our conductor provides excellent guidance for the choir members and strikes the right balance between a relaxing and a challenging rehearsal.

Are you still in doubt? It is perfectly okay to just come and listen for the first time. Of course, you can also participate immediately. In any case, our conductor will have a short intake interview with you and give you proper support. If you are not sure of your voice type, a voice test free of obligations is also possible.


Pink Noise, Active Company Antwerp's choir, is one of a kind: it is the only LGBTQ+ choir in Flanders. In the choir, you can enjoy yourself musically, but conviviality also occupies centre stage. Singing in a choir means teamwork. Everyone needs to see eye to eye or, if you will, no one should have to play second fiddle.

Singing in a choir is the way to relax through musical effort. After all, beautiful singing does not happen automatically: it is a complex combination of breathing, voice placement, intonation, rhythm, harmony, timbre… You'll notice, while singing, there is little time and 'internal memory' left to think about the daily grind. This will sound familiair to our choir members: you drag yourself dead tired to a rehearsal, but after the musical effort, the fatigue seems to have disappeared and you go home with your batteries recharged. Well, home? A number of choir members stick to the weekly 'après rehearsal' in bar Den Draak.

The choir of Active Company Antwerp has both men and women and choir members who can or cannot read music. Through teamwork and a lot of patience from our conductor, we manage to achieve a decent musical result. The musical abilities and team spirit are given an extra boost every year during the choir weekend: three days of intensive rehearsals on site. From time to time, we hire a vocal coach to provide extra support. The choir weekend is the highlight of every year, both musically and socially.

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